Economic Development/ Post-Redevelopment

By wpadmin 2 May, 2017

The attorneys of Leibold McClendon & Mann have represented over 30 redevelopment agencies in all aspects of Redevelopment Plan adoption and implementation and in the negotiation and preparation of property acquisition agreements, disposition and development agreements, owner participation agreements, affordable housing agreements and cooperation agreements requiring sophisticated structuring. With the passage of AB 1X 26 (as amended by AB 1484 and SB 107), we are actively advising our former redevelopment agency client successor agencies on dissolution and winding down activities. Our services include the preparation of successor agency and Oversight Board resolutions, cooperative/implementation agreements, recognized obligations payment schedules (ROPS), Long Range Property Management Plans, legal analyses as well as preparation of appeals to the Department of Finance and representation of our clients both in meet and confer meetings as well as in the Sacramento County Superior Court. Our expertise in redevelopment law and long-standing involvement in legislative matters involving redevelopment agencies has contributed to the successful structuring of these matters yielding excellent results for our successor agency clients.